To Touch a Dream

I thought it was about time I had a 'home' page for my fanlisting subdomain. I looked through many books and CDs for inspiration for a title for the site. Nothing struck me until a friend suggested the title of the song "To Touch the Dream" by Noa, which I've amended slightly. For more information about Noa and her music, please see the fanlisting Blue Touches Blue.


At the same time as I was looking for a title, I was also searching for images to use. As usual, I turned to stock.xchang, a repositry of royalty-free stock photos. I found several I liked but the self-portrait 'Touched' by talented photographer Trudy Loosman was perfect. It also looks as though she's pressing a button made of light. It was at the same time that Ragnhild mentioned the song title, and they seemed to go together so well. Trudy's own photo gallery is ~HERE~.

The starfield background was particularly inspired by my interest in astronomy. I gave it a flattened and faded look to reflect a dream-like quality.