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Jackie Earle Haley

Born on July 14, 1961 in Carlifornia, Jackie Earle Haley began his screen career at an early age. He appeared in numerous film and tv roles, including as Kelly Leak in the Bad News Bears movies and as Moocher in acclaimed 1979 film Breaking Away. As an adult Hayley moved away from acting, eventually becoming a commercial producer and director and formed his own company, JEH Productions. He returned to acting in 2006 with All the King's Men and Little Children, the latter for which he received an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His renewed acting career now going from strength to strength, JEH seems to have a particular talent for playing complex deliquent or anti-hero characters, in a wide range of genres.

The title of this fanlisting, Dude, comes from JEH's apparent frequent use of the word (as mentioned in a couple of interviews) and which has been used in a few roles he's played (such as in Watchmen and Human Target).

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