The 'Looking for Richard' Project

Dr John Ashdown-Hill MBE FSA, respected author and historian of late Medieval history, researched and identified living descendants of Richard III's sister Anne through her mitrochondrial DNA.

Philippa Langley MBE, screenwriter and historian, together with Dr Ashdown-Hill was instrumental in launching the 'Looking for Richard' Project in 2009 to recover the remains of the king and reinter them with honour and dignity.

Dr David and Wendy Johnson were other founder members of the Project.

In 2012, an archaeological excavation was commissioned by the Richard III Society on a city council car park on the site once occupied by Greyfriars.The University of Leicester identified the skeleton found in the excavation as that of Richard III as a result of radiocarbon dating, comparison with contemporary reports of his appearance, and comparison of his mitochondrial DNA with that of two matrilineal descendants of Richard III's eldest sister, Anne of York.

Richard's remains were reburied in Leicester Cathedral on 26 March 2015.

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