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Human Target

Broadcast by Fox in 2010/2011, the tv series Human Target is loosely based on a DC comic of the same name (first appearing in Action Comics). An ex-assassin, who takes on a persona 'Christopher Chance', develops a conscience and instead strives to redeem himself by saving the lives of others when normal law & order channels cannot help. He integrates himself into clients' lives and becomes the target himself in order to reveal and neutralise the threat. His business partner, Winston, is an ex-cop and they are also aided by Guerrero, a former associate of Chance's. In season 2 they were joined by Ilsa Pucci, a billionaire client who went on to bankroll operations; and Ames, a young, clever but rather naive former thief.

Not to be confused with the other 1992 series also based on the same comic, this version of Human Target was sadly cancelled by Fox after 2 seasons.

Main cast

Mark Valley as Christopher Chance

Chi McBride as Winston

Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero

Indira Varma as Ilsa Pucci

Janet Montgomery as Ames

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