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Larimar is a form of pectolite, formed by volcanic processes. It is only found in the Barahona region of the Dominican Republic. It was discovered as recently as 1974 by a local, Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling, a member of the US Peace Corps. The first samples they found were on the shore, having rolled about 10km downstream. Larimar was subsequently named by Méndez: 'Lari' from Larissa, his daughter's name, and 'mar' which is Spanish for 'sea'.

It is widely thought that Larimar had been previously known of by local people, though not used or documented. Also, in 1916 Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, the parish priest, made an application to the Treasury Department to explore and exploit the stone, but this was never followed up.

Larimar can only be mined by people from the area nearby. Alongside that other gemstone amber and the tourist trade, it has become a valuable source of income for many people on the islands.

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